Formula to find numbers within a cell containing text, numbers and spaces.

I need a formula that will locate only numbers within a text/number cell (i.e. HSS 3×2 11GA) and then use those numbers to calculate certain values.

For example:
One cell, A1, has HSS 4×2 11GA, in cell C1 I would like a formula to calculate ((4*2^3)/32)*(11/0.5), having found the 4,2 and 11 values from A1. I would also like to click and drag this formula down the C column.

You need a VBA User-defined Function. Press Alt/F11, use Insert/Module, copy/paste this in:
Function Getno(rg As Range, no As Integer) As Integer
temp = rg.Value
For i = 1 To Len(temp)
ch = Mid(temp, i, 1)
Select Case ch
Case “0” To “9”
Case Else
If i = 1 Then
temp = ” ” & Mid(temp, 2)
ElseIf i = Len(temp) Then
temp = Left(temp, i – 1) & ” ”
temp = Left(temp, i – 1) & ” ” & Mid(temp, i + 1)
End If
End Select
Getno = Split(Application.Trim(temp), ” “)(no – 1)
End Function

Not, go back to the worksheet, and, assuming the text is in A1, enter this in B1:
=Getno(A1,1) to get the 1st #, =Getno(A1,2) for the 2nd, etc. So you can use


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