From the book of “this should be easier than it is!” – MySql in Sharepoint 2010 Foundation

A colleague asked for my help getting access to mySQL in his Sharepoint foundation implementaiton- which initially seemed easy- “surely it’s just a different connection string” I mused (out loud- a foolish mistake indeed!)- but then I tried it! Sharepoint Designer and a bit of SQL tracing couldn’t point me in the right direction (thanks, Sharepoint Designer for having incredibly generic connection errors!)- so I started getting desperate and looking for “alternative approaches”!

Thus far the only one which has come close is to use the article here: to create a linked server- which I could then connect to (this was one step better than my plan to replicate mySQL to SQL Express edition!)- what I’d like to know is if anyone else out there has a better way/is prepared to screenshot the right way of doing it – if so – let me know!


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