Autotask Chrome Custom Searches

I’m not sure if this is of any use to anyone out there who uses Autotask, but I put a quick video tutorial on how to add a custom search engine to Google Chrome to search for ticket text straight from the address bar here:

The only gotcha’s we’ve seen are:

…But for thirty seconds worth of time to set up it can save a lot of time when searching for something! 

Equally (and especially useful for us, since it searches both active and archived projects) is the same search but with as the search – to quickly search for a PROJECT NUMBER (same caveats as above apply)!



3 thoughts on “Autotask Chrome Custom Searches

  1. This is fantastic stuff! Do you know if its possible to do the same for the global notes search or even just ticket notes or time entry notes?


    1. It certainly was but my last chance of working with such things was some time ago- if you watch the URLs used by Autotask during a search (something like Fiddler is a good choice if you aren’t too familiar with your browser’s debug tools) for notes and work back to the ticket numbers.

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