Bomgar- the Blackberry User Experience

I’m often stuck wanting to see what’s going on with a user’s Blackberry device- fortunately, the remote support solution I’ve using recently, Bomgar, fully supports Blackberry devices- but I found the user guide a bit lacking/not quite easier enough for end users- so I’ve written a quick template to send out when I’m about to do a session so the end user can review on their mail client whilst following the instructions on screen:

As discussed, please find below the instructions to get me connected to your blackberry:

Description: cid:image001.png@01CD7002.7B14F930

and enter the session ID of :


When prompted, you should download the Bomgar customer client. It is not necessary to set application permissions, as the Bomgar client will attempt to set the appropriate permissions automatically- however, if you get prompted to set permissions set manually, all of the permissions must be set to allow – if the Bomgar Client needs to configure its permissions, the BlackBerry Smartphone will prompt you that “Bomgar Support is requesting changes to its application control permissions” in a screen similar to below:

You’ll need to click View to see the permissions. Once on the permissions screen is completed you need need to press Escape then Save when prompted.

Once completed, you should then be able to chose the option to “Run” the application resulting in the Bomgar chat session window appearing- once this is present you should shortly get a prompt from myself about connecting to your device which you can then select to connect allowing remote access to your device.

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