SAP Basics – Applying a License to a User

Taken from: – this is pretty key for day-to-day life with SAP-


  • The License Exists!
  • You have been defined as a superuser.
  • All other users have logged off from the application.


  1. From SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration  License  License Administration  .

    The License Administration window appears. (Optionally) To prevent other users from allocating licenses at the same time as you, choose the  icon.

  2. Select a user and specify the appropriate license(s) in the Used column.
  3. Choose Update.
  4. To check the updated license information per license component, select the Components tab.

    This information includes:

    • The total number of licenses per license component
    • The number of available licenses per license component
    • The start date and expiration date for each license component
    • The machine name of the license server

Done- easy when you know where to look!


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