Windows Build Keynote 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to watch the Build Keynote- but I’m glad I managed to find the time- highlights for me this year include:

  • Bash Shell coming to Windows- finally the chance to write a script once and run it every where…
  • Converter for Win32 to “Modern” apps – Great to see Microsoft pushing apps forward whilst not forgetting that the main reason Windows is still as popular as it is because of legacy software.
  • Xbox Dev mode- Not since the (PlayStation) Yaroze have I been this close to potentially owning a dev console…
  • Shared App Store for xBox and PC – interesting to see if it ends up a minefield full of trash for Xbox just like Windows… But if it means we can see Steam games (especially older titles) ported to Xbox I’m onboard.
  • HoloLens – I’m still not sure about this – augmented reality apps on phones, 3D displays and VR have all proven to be gimmicks (although VR is having “another good at it” this year so perhaps not quite worth writing off yet) and there’s still a lot of questions for me about whether a device as (potentially) expensive (not to mention dorkly looking) could catch on. As a glasses wearer I’m comfortable with personal augmentation, but Google Glass seemed more probable to me than HoloLens and it failed to gain traction (seemingly due to bad PR as I can’t see any technological reasons why it failed to gain traction).

It’s truly an interesting time for Microsoft – although it’s still hard to understand whether their “whole new world” of computing will come together.

I’ll post again if anything else catches my eye!


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