My Weekend Reads

My interesting weekend reads:

The filmmaker behind ‘App: The Human Story’ talks about the struggles developers face – makes me very interested to see the show and exploring the concept challenges faced by developers today- it’s one we’re constantly hearing quietly on blog posts but rarely being explored in detail and I’m hopeful some candid interviews might offer some insight to the real world where even the breakout success stories may only keep the lights on for a short period of time.

Whilst I was at it, How to Make $80,000 Per Month on the Apple App Store shows that whilst we may all think the Apple App Store is a safe place in comparison to Android (and in general it probably is) there’s still people out there exploit users with dodgy subscriptions. Is this an resolvable problem? Yes. Will Apple rush to resolve it – I’m not so sure but it’ll be interesting to see how prevalent this type of scam is on Android too. I’d be even more intrigued to hear how Apple’s review process missed this a “fake” AV scanner – they can somehow vet an assortment of politically sensitive content which seems like a difficult scale to assess, but misses the easy “no such thing as AV for iOS” option?

Even if this issue is fixed there’s countless more challenges faced by the App Store and Google Play Store (from discoverability to morally dubious advertising in kids games (I find it interesting that Saturday morning kids TV shows died because of regulation to reduce advertising to kids (making other TV options more profitable) but there doesn’t appear to be the same restrictions that I’m aware of for mobile)).

On the subject of honest developers struggling to make ends meet, I enjoyed the post LOL, we’re all poor offering an honest assessment of the Indie Game Dev scene – and a view I’ve long held that gaming is catching up with the scale of the music/movie industry and the resulting impact is a lot of indie developers becoming the small band that plays pubs and weddings at weekends rather than everyone being a successful millionaire post launch. Well written and even handed even if for some it’s probably an upset glimpse of reality.


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