Tuesday Reads

Late to the party, but I’ve just got round to another piece on the iPhone at 10 which simply reminds me how it seems like progress has slowed over the last few years although perhaps we all needed a breather from the rapid pace of progress of the early years to find our feet – we’re not yet at the 10 year anniversary of the App Store after all…

Whilst I was reading that, the history of Nokia at Bloomberg is a great piece looking at a company with a fascinating history alongside a look into 5G and the challenges and opportunities around the next generation of telecoms. The potential for the expansion of 5G kickstarting further innovation (since, as previously noted the recent generations of iPhones have struggled) is a exciting proposition indeed.

On the gaming side, RPS’s piece on Gwent shows how much effort it took to convert the mini game into a full product, but it’s best paragraph explores how by having a game played by characters in the story brings extra layers of humanity and detail to the oddballs who inherit the fictional world (I’ve only played a little bit of the Witcher 3 and most of it has been Gwent, so my experience may be biased!).

A further piece off the back of yesterday’s Indie dev discussions is the concept of manifestos which takes you from early concepts to modern manifestos from indie developers which makes me want to eke out a manifesto for my own works 🙂 And whilst you’re there, do not miss the piece of Level Design that ranges from ancient Greece chair design to architecture whilst remaining insightful to the last moment on factors effecting level design. It also links to the awesome Portal proposal that always makes me smile.

And finally, on a completely random topic (my Next Draft newsletter fortunately takes me on some wild journeys!), here’s the reason why your teeth are probably bad- you’ve (not) got a big mouth


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