Thursday reads

I have fond memories of “book buses” from when I was a child (mobile libraries) so the idea of a mobile shop seems like a pretty good concept to me – NPR explores (with a fair amount of sceptism in my opinion) the idea in Mobile SuperMarket comes to you… and I honestly can’t see why this wouldn’t be appealing. In the UK the highstreet is struggling to compete with online so bringing a range of goods to your door step doesn’t seem like a crazy change but rather a sensible method of seeing goods before you buy. Say what you want about it being a bit backwards, but there are benefits to this idea (not least of which is that it would make owing a “shop” potentially more economically feasible for small businesses) which are worth exploring.

Speaking of technology changing the world, the GQ interview on Drone Warfare is a nicely human piece that reminds us about the men behind technologically advanced warfare. Whether you agree with drone usage, it’s an interesting piece exploring the psyche of a combatant who doesn’t get physically close to a foe, but spends a lot of time observing them.

And, totally unrelated but any excuse to bring up one of my favourite animated movies, a 10 year look back to Ratatouille reminds us why Pixar really nailed this one (no comment on Cars 3)…


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