Friday Reads


The BBC highlights the scary SATS marking – Teachers raise concerns over Sats marking – BBC News – I suspect I’d fail at inserting type font size semicolons if I’m honest with myself.

Over at the Guardian, the hyprocisy of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg’s got some cheek, advocating a universal basic income) makes a good point- unless businesses accept responsibility (one hundred percent) no amount of humanitarian ventures they back or noises made about helping the world will make up for their bad behaviour. Whilst we’re looking at the behaviour of these companies, perhaps we should also look at the 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions too.

On the tech side, medialoot put together a nice, short and easy to read CSS Grid layout article (A Beginners Guide to CSS Grid Layout — Medialoot) which is surprisingly largely because you’d think such a thing would be plentiful, but most are unnecessarily detailed or difficult to parse.

In the gaming world, Rock Paper Shotgun’s article on why we play games we don’t like ( is a great piece if only because it speaks to my own idiocy with games (Zelda has reminded me that I do really love games, but only good ones. Oddly, I’m surprised this is a surprise to me. In equal levels of witty idiocy inspection, Cards Against Humanities “For Girls” Edition ( is a worthy product to remind us that our gender biases have (in this case actual) costs.

Finally, on the gaming front of a sort, “So what the hell is Magic Leap doing?” looks at some of the (still nebulous, vague but) intriguing thoughts behind designing apps for Magic Leap – even if it turns out to be a massive failure from a tech perspective, I’m hoping we all can learn from some of the concepts around Magic Leap.

In short: the BBC highlights Google’s UK data center play – and nicely summarises the market state today (even shorter read in my humble opinion: it’s still anyone’s game).



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