Friday Reads

It feels like only earlier in the week (it was) that I lamented the lack of nonviolent verbs and then comes a review with a game with no violence at all – and it gets a good review over at RPS – Yonder. Equally, it’s nice to see people exploring sports games in Kickmen – a field that I feel is still under explored in gaming (imagine tweaking all the physics and individual rules for traditional sports on the fly (just like kids often find themselves doing)). If nothing else, the recent explosion of indie games and ease of entry into game creation has opened up the chances for titles like these getting some interest.

Perhaps rife for traditional game play, Have Gun Will Travel takes an interesting look at (in my mind at the very least) some extreme “prepping” – only a matter of time before the videogame adaptation hits your stores…

I’m a big fan of Cory Doctorow books, so the Verge’s interview made me particularly happy (since I didn’t realise he had a new book out – that’ll teach me to sign up to newsletters for such things!). I always enjoy his universes and, whilst his writing style is perhaps a bit light, his concepts are always rock solid so I’m looking forward to his latest.


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