Weekend reads

My favourite read of the weekend is the Verge’s item on Biohacking – when I first read about people adding magnets and chips to their bodies I was fascinated but was totally unconvinced this was the future (since the external application of such functions would work probably just as well) and it turns out I was probably right- obsolesce and lack of traction makes this tech less and less appealing. With that said, if someone could offer me magnetic rings, non-permanent patches, and clothing which accepted tech and offered extensions to the feedback systems around me (I remember and would love to try a vibrate strip on the back that nudged you in the right direction for navigation) I would love to give it a go- otherwise tech moves too quick for such systems to be my cup of tea.

On the gaming side, a few people have linked to the Dirty Gamification article that lays out the “horrors” of a perfect feedback circle in games. I still hold out hope that such loops can be used for good, but I’ll be honest and say I bounce right off games like this so wonder if I’ve got some immunity (no doubt from playing other games earlier in my life!) so am not sure that even if used for good it would truly benefit me.

Away from reads (and decorating!), I tried out Gigantic and found it… generic. The concept feels very much like Battleborn before it, a hybrid of DOTA and a traditional shooter with some nice moments in terms of the back and forth between the guardians (effectively all your attacks are a build up for a big boss fight) but there really wasn’t much to hold my attention and after a match or two I already found myself asking why I’d play this over any other game. Perhaps with friends it could be a fun romp, but on it’s own it’s hard to pick out any reason why this would succeed where others have failed.


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