Monday reads

Game developers talk about bugs over at EuroGamer – a decent piece but I’m sure a field with a lot more potential and insight (I’d hope most of the remarks about code being a point of pride are common sense, but I guess they may not be to all people)- I wonder if in 100 year’s time we’ll see students taught of the great code and software revolution like we do literature today and explore some of the kludgy fixes and beautiful examples just as we do the works of Shakespeare.

The BBC’s news item on Bitcoin is solid but perhaps overly dramatic in identifying the “fall” of bitcoin – I imagine debates held in bank vaults in the early days of modern finances were often much fiercer than this one – I hope to look back at this link in a few years time and wonder what all the fuss was about.

The Verge’s deep dive into SoundCloud’s current dark era is also a great read. I’m not a massive music fan, but SoundCloud previously stood out to me as a source of great music, especially mixes, and now it seems like they’re a music graveyard – and not too surprising given the direction they’ve gone – it’s really hard to see where any of the swings they took were aimed at in this piece and it’s hard to see how they blew their early start quite so badly.


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