Tuesday reads

I found reading this piece on a gun crime victim’s family depressing but enlightening – and reminded me how fortunate I am to live in a country where guns are exceedingly rare. Contrast this with the struggles of a “Boy who loves too much” makes you realise it’s a complex world with so many moving parts that understanding the human mind only ever looks less possible over time which, in my mind, feels strange.

On the subject of the mind, the BBC has found a way to put me off doing DIY (even more) – studies reveal that outsourcing jobs you don’t enjoy brings more reward for your money than simply buying something nice. I think, deep down, I knew this already, but chose to do things I don’t enjoy as I see it as character building (hardship builds us up, outsourcing allows skills to lapse).

I wouldn’t normally comment on a “review” style piece, but the Verge has compared the MacBook and MacBook Pro (Entry level) and succeeded in saying what pretty much everyone thinks about laptops these days- as long as you don’t got cheap, you can probably get an OK laptop- but look for a GREAT laptop and it’s hard to find something that balances a power user’s needs (I know I struggled hunting for a laptop and accepted a lot of compromises in hte model I eventually went with).


Finally, what can I say about the VR whiskey experience – except I’d gladly give that a go…


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