The Apps I still use

A long time ago I use to have a long of list of applications that’d I’d work my way through on my PC whenever I reinstalled Windows but in the past few years the frequency of me reinstalling Windows has shrunk significantly and so too has the list of app’s I install.

  • Microsoft Office – Still more powerful than the rest, still a little bit buggy, but nothing seems to come close to matching the flexibility of this suite.
  • VLC Player – Only video player you’ll probably need
  • Chrome – Would love to embrace Edge but mobile sync is still woefully lacking and testing web content means you’ve really got to have more than one browser on your machine anyway
  • NotePad++ – Powerful yet lightweight, NotePad++ replaces Notepad in the way Microsoft should’ve done years ago (at least replace WordPad!)
  • Visual Studio Code – a new entry, just replacing Sublime text for being marginally more flexible for my needs.
  • Windirstat – Disk space will run out – and this is the only tool that remains adware free and quick to analyse even big volumes
  • Steam – I probably shouldn’t install this really as it’ll tempt me back to the store, but it’s where all the games are (in time I may end up installing GOG and Itch but Steam is typically on the need to have list).
  • Jing – Helpful for making quick screen recordings. Equally, Greenshot gets a special mention for being useful for screenshots although OneDrive’s ability to autosave when I print-screen nearly replaces my number one use of Greenshot more often than not…
  • Teamviewer – For remote support (of others!)

It’ll be interesting to see if another app/function ever makes it on to this list in the future as it feels like a lot of this list has remained pretty static despite countless apps trying and failing to replace the above over recent years.


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